Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Boise State's high tech offense never really got off the ground Saturday. Some thoughts on the game:

1)Temperature was ideal (in part due to the time but it was just a good weekend overall).

2)Jared Zabranski was not ideal. Ok, he was awful. Georgia had a nice 24-0 halftime lead thanks in part to his 6 turnovers, but it should have been worse. Boise's rushing stats are somewhat deceptive – Zabranski and 4 carries for 40 yards, all on scrambles. Take those out, and it looks a bit better from a dawgs perspective. In any case, the ground game never really got going until the second half, when many reserves were in. Boise hit two passes of over 25 yards, but that was it for the big plays.

I feel bad for Jared. He's clearly an able guy and had a bad game (occasionally helped by some pressure and the Georgia defensive Scheme).

3)I have to credit Martinez here. Georgia blitzed rarely (when they did it was effective though), and seemed content to sit back and keep the offense in front of them. It worked. There wasn't much of a pass rush, which is something of a concern, but Boise does have a good line (and an AA candidate at Tackle).

4)Miller was definitely much improved. Jarvis had a solid game. Some of the freshman made mistakes at times but all in all it was a pretty impressive performance.

5)Kickoff returns were appalling. Georgia worked harder on these in the off season, but more work is apparently needed. The return coverage was ok. The actual punting was so so (but then Ely-Kelso was trying to drop a few inside the 20 and that's not easy), the returns and coverage solid.

6)Georgia hurt itself in the first half with drops – drives 3 and 4 weren't extended because people dropped catchable balls on 3rd and 2nd down respectively (the former would have been a first down, the latter negating what would have been third and short). Once the route was on, Brandon Southerland dropped what would have been a big play (and maybe a touchdown, but I suspect not), though it didn't matter.

Outside of that the passing offense was pretty good. Shockley missed a few (one somewhat badly it seems – the long ball Gartrell laid out for and “dropped” appeared to pull TJ off his route, but I couldn't tell for sure), but he generally didn't miss by much (a long one to Bailey was slightly overthrown; the post Bailey ran later was under thrown and probably should have been a TD but it wasn't badly under thrown). TJ Gartrell even tripped over the yellow first down marker. I think we saw the makings of a decent receiving corps on Saturday, but time will tell. Shockley, needless to say, looked good.

7)It's hard to score the ground attack outside of Shockley. Boise State definite put lots of people in the box, and Georgia's attack was inconsistent when handing off. Brown had some very nice runs. 5 backs wound up with carries in the blowout. The run game will need to be better in the coming games, but if people sell out against the run this much Georgia should be able to hurt them in the air.

8)Milner's poor first half (though I'm not sure the penalty call was legit) was made up for with some nice catches and the long TD in the second. If he gains consistency it's going to be a fun fall, and the Dawgs could do some interesting things out of the 2 TE set.

9)I don't know what this game means for Boise. Are they still a 10 win team? If so, it will be a more impressive win later. I'm sure the Boise fans are kicking themselves about the turnovers, but from where I was watching Boise was outclassed. They've definitely got talent, and can be a fun team to watch.

10)Will we learn anything this coming Saturday? Possibly. But maybe not – I'm not sure what to make of the Cocks yet.


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Man I had Jared Zabranski on my hesiman watch list as this year's Alex Smith. Boy was I wrong!

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