Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekend quickie

I'm swamped at work right now, unfortunately. Doesn't look like it's going to clear up in the near future either.

What to make of Mississippi State? I'm just not sure. Their opponents to date have been Murray State, Auburn, and Tulane. They only surrendered 320 yards to Auburn, and 7 of the Plainsmen's points came on a fumble-darter. Auburn is a team still finding itself, so I don't know what to make of that either. Mississippi State only managed 207 yards against what should be a pretty good defense. They gave up 293 against Tulane but only 14 points and held on for the win despite only getting about 220 yards in that one as well. Jerious Norwood is a good running back but I'm not sure this offense is very good. The conditions Saturday's night could be ugly as well – 72% chance of rain.

Mississippi State needs to run to win but I'm expecting Georgia to prevent that. If they don't, well it could be a long fall. Starkville is not an easy place to pay, even when their fans are sans cowbells (Georgia fans traveling to the game should thank g_d for that). But this State team is not cut from the same mold as the tougher teams from the 90s. Dawgs under Richt are allergic to large spreads, so I'm inclined to say take the points.

What I'd like to see is Georgia really take care of business. The team under Richt has tended to have a very methodical approach and performance in games. This has generally been helpful against good/better teams, but not so good against teams of lesser talent. The game was moved to ESPN's prime time slot thanks to the UT-LSU game being moved. So, hopefully Georgia will feel like coming out and playing well, and look good in front of a sizable TV audience doing it.

The Braves – it's too painful for me to talk about.

The Dirty Birds – I'm terrified about this game in Buffalo. The schedule is not easy and I don't want to start 1-2. But we might be doing just that.


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