Monday, September 26, 2005

UT Looms

[b]The Dawgs:[/b]

A typical Mark Richt win? Some form of that phrase is likely to appear all over the papers & Internet this week I'd imagine. The Dawgs played an inferior opponent, moved up and down the field mostly at will, and managed to make the final score look closer than it was in reality. They did this on the strength of 4 trips into the red zone yielding 6 9 points. Yikes.

There was good. That's the best Lumpkin has run all year. Shockley was solid – got off to a blazing start and then was a touch inconsistent (and doubtless the weather played a role here). MSU actually did a solid job of keeping him bottled up, so he wasn't much of a threat to run. Mohamed Massaquoi is starting to look like a player. I'm starting to feel better about the corps as a whole as well. The defense played well, and got pretty good pressure on Jacobs.

There was bad. Coutu missed 2 field goals. One was from 56 yards, true, but it wasn't really that close. Affected by a gust of wind? It was impossible to say for sure and the announcers didn't really discuss it. Speaking of the announcers – a dreadful job by Curry and what's his name. I woke up screaming last night just thinking about them. More importantly though – I'm slightly worried about Coutu. I'd hoped we were finding a kicker, but the Jury appears to still be out. I'm not sure Thomas Brown was 100%, and it certainly didn't help that MSU did a good job against the run. The interior of our line – primarily the centers – had a tough time with MSU. Given who they're going to have to face in two weeks in Knoxville, this is particularly troubling. Shockley did have a few misfires – it happens. He was also sacked 3 times. We're going to have a rough time of it against UT I think.

Where is Sean Bailey? I saw him in the game (he got thrown to a couple of times to boot). He's had some injuries, yes. But it seems as if his season is derailing. McClendon seems to have more of a rhythm with Shockley,a and since we throw to both Tes now that limits how many balls the Wrs get. I'm not ready to call his season a disappointment, but I'd like to see him become a factor again. GATA Sean.

Some more untimely penalties (though one was made up, to be sure; it didn't matter though because the Dawgs got away with one a few plays later). A turnover inside the 10 is a bad thing. The Red Zone offense was terrible.

Still, it's an SEC road win. Nice to have one under our belts. On to Knoxville.

[b]The Georgia Institute of Technology[/b]:

Hey, I think VaTech just scored again.

But seriously – ouch.


What the hell just happened? This is a particularly troubling game because that's my fantasy QB. How do you lose that badly to South Florida?

[b]Dirty Birds:[/b]

Well, they needed that one. A nice win, all in all. The Defense played pretty good, Vick had a nice (and injury free) day. They really pounded Buffalo on the ground.


Better. Now stop with the comparing Francouer to Vlad, for the love of god.


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