Friday, September 02, 2005

Spurrier Returneth

And it isn't pretty. What started out as a massacre in the making turned into a pretty tense and enjoyable contest in the second half (admittedly: enjoyable if you are rooting against Spurrier). Cackalacki shot itself in the knee a couple of times but held on to win with a couple of goal line stands.

I see some Georgia fans here and there frothing about SC, but we've got much more to worry about (how good is our team really going to be? Nobody really knows). That said, I thought SC was borderline brutal. No running attack. They gave up 340ish yards to UCF - not an awful total but it sure seemed to come in bunches in the second half. I think the cocks could be in for a long season. But one game does not a season, or comeback, make.

And any Carolina fan that isn't peeking 3-4 years down the road is doing themselves a disservice anyway. It's going to take some time for Spurrier to get Carolina anywhere meaningful, I think.


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