Thursday, September 01, 2005

Reeves: The Price Was Wrong

I've been swamped at work of late and unable to complete a couple of thoughts on this weekends Georgia contest. Maybe I'll get to that this afternoon.

At lunch, I read an article by the AJC that further discussed the Falcons' severing ties with Peerless Price. Apparently, Dan-o really had a lot to get off his chest concerning the move. Were I to read between the lines, I'd suggest Dan-o feels as if his regime was run aground by forces beyond his control. I can understand wanting to divorce yourself from the move though. After all, the Price can best be summed up as a wreck.

That makes me wonder though. Has Reeves made any questionable football decisions in his life? Nathan freaking Davis ring a bell? Dan-o, this is your life:


- 1st pick is a defensive back - Michael Westbrook - from a team - Nebraska - that barely faced any passing offenses. Given what had happened a few short years before with the exact same type of player - Bruce Pickins - you'd think somebody would have said "Uh, Dan, bad idea".
- 2nd pick Nathan Freaking Davis - a "project" at DT. With your second round draft pick. Nathan Freaking Davis.

Note that he also drafted Tony Graziani that year, and Grazzi some how managed to stick with the team for forever, despite lacking any noticeable ability or upside.

- Bob Halen, Jammi German, Omar Brown. Picked in rounds 2-4. None of them was worth a damn. The German pick was especially appaling because the Dirty Birds needed receving help, and German never did anything in college to suggest he would pan out. Reeves touted it as help for the WR corps. I think I threw something when it was announced.

- Falcs trade their 2000 1st round pick to get a second round pick to take a Dan Reeves favorite: TE Reggie Kelley. Tagliabue cut Mel Kiper's air time on this one for fear that the Birds would get mocked so much people would refuse to watch them on TV.
- This draft yielded Kerney in the first and C Todd McLure in the 6th. Every other pick was wasted.
- Needing receiver help, the Falcons draft 2 guys under 6-feet tall, and without noteworthy speed, in the 4th and 7th rounds.

- No first round pick this year because it was so badly shat on, that it had to be thrown out due to smell.
- The only pick from this draft to make an impact was Derrick Vaughn, who had a good year (or two?) on kick returns. Mark Simoneau did start some. I never liked Travis Claridge.

Dan, I want you to know that I was not behind any of these picks, and I want the world to know that I want you to know this. I don't know - maybe I'm feeling snarky because the cats are away right now.


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