Friday, September 02, 2005

Jim Brower, you are banished from the land

Cox knows more than me. The Braves as an organization know more than me. It's why any attempt to critique them in this place is just silly. I could have, for example, complained that Devine's minor league numbers were deceptively good pre-callup (an alarming number of walks *and* hit batsmen was a more telling stat than the ERA) when he was called up, and that it was too risky a move to make. But they know more than me, and even though Devine didn't pan out this time, there is hope for the future (rough outing his first time out back in Richmond though; chin up Joey).

I just don't understane why Brower is pitching in any game of significance right now. I know it was a 4 run lead and that *should* have been enough. And he didn't get any help from McBride or Kolb (gasp). But he has given up far too many baserunners this year - 1.7 WHIP for the season. And he gives up far too many homeruns - 1.7 per 9 innings. He's not having a good year. Please leave him out of any game with an eastern wild card contender (having said that, he'll get some critical outs against the Nats when we next play them, and if he does good for him).

As for Andruw, I don't think it would be a travesty if he got MVP. The award isn't really an MVP award though, it's a quasi "who is having the best year" award as well. So I think Pujols will still get it in the end.


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