Friday, August 19, 2005

The Witch is Dead

A Report has appeared claiming that the Atlanta Spirit will buyout Steve Belkin's contract. It's great news for the 37 remaining Hawks fans in the state, and probably decent news for the several thousand Thrashers fans as well. Belkin apparently was into owning a team but not on spending money on that team. Good riddance I say.

Of course, he may well be right about the Joe Johnson deal. The Hawks might be overdoing it for a player they could (over)sign as a free agent anyway (I'm with Braves & Birds - despite posturing I think Phoenix matches the offer, but who knows). The thing is - the actual basketball guy wants to do the deal. And I think it's safe to say he knows a lot more about this than Belkin does. It's true he tried to overpay for mediocre players last year, but he's also responsible for the Hawks drafts of late, and he did do a decent job of gutting the woefully overrated and overpriced Hawks roster that existed when he arrived.

If your going to trust Billy Knight, you have to trust him. If he screws up, then kick him to the curb. Until then, I think he deserves a chance to turn the Hawks around.


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