Monday, August 22, 2005

Harris Poll Votes Announced

Article on sportsline.

Amongs the voters are former atheletes (Steve Largent, Raghib Ismail), CFB Luminaries (Roy Kramer, who promises not to piss off EDSBS this time), and coaches (Garry DiNardo, Lee Corso. Just kidding on that last one). It's too early to say, but I'm guessing they'll be roughly as qualified to do this as the coaches and media. Take that for what it is worth.

The Harris Poll results will debut September 25th, which I think is still too early in the season - too much pre-season bias still in the poles at that point. It's better than before the season, true, but still not ideal.

Now, when there are 4 legit 10-1 teams vying for the right to play USC in the BCS Title game, perhaps we can get another schism in the offseason and next year go into the year with 3 potential champions (BCS, the AP, and pick your favorite remaining faction from amongst the Harris and Coaches). It would be fitting, in any case.


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