Thursday, August 25, 2005

Harris drops weight

Some might call it dead weight - I leave that in the hands of the observer. Here is the AJC article from Tony Barnhart, which you can read for free courtesy of somebody who can make decisions for the AJC actually having a clue (someone give that guy a raise too, we can't afford to lose him).

Already we have some problems with some the voters. Like Brenston Buckner, who is playing on Sunday's and I highly doubt will be able to watch enough football to make an informed decision for every team from every region (more on that in a moment).

Any voter with an ESPN affiliation had to pull out because of their contracts. Understandable.

Or talk show radio host Kenny Roda, who has links to naked chicks on his website.

Good grief. Links to naked women and gambling sites aren't what we need to worry about here. What we need to worry about is if each of these people will be able to watch a decent amount of football and try to take in games from all over the country (special thanks to TBS and their nighttime weekly Pac-10 game; that was loads of fun last year and I look forward to caching it again this year). I think many of the pollsters are going to run into the same problems the coaches had (there are only 24 hours in a day). And some will run into the same problems that all humans have (inability to work beyond bias).

Of course, some will get the boot because they don't meet any of the basic criteria ( former college player, coach or administrator, or a member of the media according to the AJC), like Jason Rush. I'm glad his father in law, Troy's head coach, decided to ignore the nomination criteria. If we're lucky dad votes in the coaches poll too.

The Harris voters may or may not prove competent as a whole. They may or may not be able to shrug off the problems inherent in polls. But it doesn't matter anyway - it's still people deciding the outcome of seasons, where we should be doing that on the field.


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