Thursday, August 04, 2005

Belkin doesn't like Johnson

So Michael sayeth. I don't get those sports talk stations well down here in Macon, so I don't get this kind of juiciness on the way to work.

The gist is that the trade is being held up because one member of the Atlanta Spirit ownership group doesn't think Joe Johnson is worth it. Well, you're an idiot Steve Belkin.

Hey, Johnson may not be worth it. He may only be partly worth it. It's not outside of the realm of possibility he's a flop. But I know this: he can shoot, he can defend a number of positions, he handled the ball some - spelling Nash, he's athletic. If the Hawks don't sign him, it's going to be a problem for the team. We'll get thirty columns nationwide about how nobody wants to play in Atlanta (again. . .), and how Billy Knight is a bad GM (he isn't). Belkin, how do you think the team is going to do then?

You don't want to sign someone for the sake of signing them. But the Hawks need serious help. And Johnson wasn't really fourth fiddle in Phoenix - they collapsed without him against San Antonio (his missing games was a bigger factor against San Antonio that Sean Marion's relatively poor play). I'm not convinced he can play point full time - I hope other deals will be in the works. If Belkin wants to contest this deal on that, I understand it.

But - you hired a guy to take care of all of this. He knows more about basketball than you do (so does the coach). Let them do their job.

And do us all a favor - sell the Atlanta Spirit to Arthur Blank.


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