Wednesday, July 06, 2005


MLB's all star break is looming, with the biggest joke of an allstar game in professional sports to take place during. I should try to pen my thoughts on why I think it is the biggest joke. So I'll try to in the next week. I'm going to start doing some research on matters of actual importance though, so I can hand out report cards for the Braves and possibly some teams around Baseball. And other assorted entities - like Mark Lemke and his statement last night that "sometimes you have to ignore the stats, because teams just win" in reference to a caller and his note that "the Nationals have allowed alot more runs than they've scored, do you think they're overrated?" Yes, that reportcard will include some fun pythagorean analysis, an explanation of how and when stats can be misleading, but also how ones like the pythagorean win-loss record rarely are. Riveting stuff, if you enjoyed math in highschool.

The Dawgs lost two recruits yesterday. One was a surprise only if you like Georgia, are aware that he was supposed to come, but not following the scenario. Of course, I think that is 0 people - everyone aware that he was coming probably follows recruiting to some degree and knew test scores would be an issue with him. Corey Moon did not get his test score and will attend Hargrave Academy in Virginia. The other was a recruit from a year ago - Jamar Bryant. He asked for, and received, his release and will attend ECU. Good luck to Mr Bryant.

Now, if you were told that this means the sky is falling - it is. It's over. Georgia will no longer be a national power after this, because one player can make an entire insitituion. They may as well quit playing football. It was a good run. Feel free to stop reading now, as there will never be another football related comment typed here, ever.

Good Bye.

Anyway. Maybe, just maybe, the sky won't fall and the sun will rise and Georgia will maange to field a team next year. Speculation on message boards is running rampant - as it is wont to do. Did he get denied by admissions? Nobody knows. All we do know is he asked for his release. It's possible he never got the test score he needed to get in, and that said score was not the NCAA minimum (the lower your GPA, the higher you need to score to be granted full admission). Maybe ECU is taking him as a Partial Qualifier (Georgia does not have room to do that at this time). Maybe he jut decided he'd rather play close to home. Whatever the reason - I do wish him well.

It would be premature to chalk this up as another black mark on the admissions department. EVen if they really denied him admission (though I'd be surprised, because I'm unsure as to why this wouldn't be announced like it was for Jamar Chaney), we don't know that there wasn't a legitimate reason to do so.

Of course, the admissions board really could be off its rocker. I think the best reaction now would be to relax, have a cold one, and just prepare to enjoy the season.


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