Friday, July 08, 2005

It's a hard life living a lie

That felt really, really good. Sensationally good. The second game of yesterday's Braves-Cubs doubleheader had been somewhat painful. Smoltz didn't have his best stuff, and then was clearly struggling and I'm still baffled why Cox sent him back out there (that 3 quick outs resulted appear edto be a function of the Cub's poor approach at the plate. Smoltz could barely find the strikzone the inning before). Andruw had squandered a rather painful at bat with men on by not grooving on a pitch he had been knocking regularly into the stands.

So what happens? Andruw gets a second chance after a leadoff triple by Giles, and then hits that pitch into the stands. Not content to just have a lead, the Braves decided a big inning might be fun. Not content watching every other rookie make major contributions during the past month, Jeff Francouer drives a ball into left-center for his first major league hit and home run.

Sorry, I'm in proud-papa gushing mode right now. Just 2.5 games back of the nationals, it would be fantastic if the Braves could find a way to shave one off this weekend, right before the break. Still, I'd be pleased as punch with a 2.5 game deficit during the worst allstar break in professional sports.


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Brian said...

hey: put a space in your template, save it, and "republish all"... your individual post pages are still the old unreadable kind.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger peacedog said...

I changed & saved the template (change was really irrelevant, but it was a change) - though the individual pages looked like the new template to me. Odd.


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