Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gameday to do Pitt vs Notre Dame

Or so it seems. There's some UGA fans frothing about this - fans of any team are wont to froth in these situations though. Nothing new there.

I'm inclined to think that the BSU v UGA game is going to be far supperior, and a better place to be. That said, I'm glad Gameday won't be there - I have nigthmares from the last time. Part of me looks at this and says "well, here's another reason that the outcome of the this game, no matter who wins, won't really shakeup the landscape of college football". It seems that these tendy BSU upset picks are sometimes enamored with the idea that a BSU win is going to turn college football upside down. Well, I don't think so.

Not that it won't matter. But these things move in steps. Utah in a BCS game, and winning that game (though really, can anyone recall a bigger sacrificial lamb in the last 20 years?) was a huge deal and another step in the process for mid-majors who are looking to get more credibility. A win for BSU is another such step, but I'm not sure it's a bigger one. Perhaps Gameday not being there is indicative of the fact that the so called mid-majors have more clifs yet to traverse before College Football Armageddon?

I think there's a simpler answer here, and perhaps the above is all tertiary, or a non-factor. Gameday is going to go where the ratings are. I don't know what ND's television draw is like these days; when they aren't playing Michigan or USC, I find watching them on TV to be excruciating at the best of times. However, we have two programs, one with tremendous history but the other not without it's own history, that have two new coaches. NFL guys to boot. This is a game with magnetism - or so I assume ESPN thinks.

Gameday is alwys going to go where the ratings are. No mystery there.


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