Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Can't You Here Me Knocking

I don't want to blow my load here - there's lots of baseball left to be played. But August Practice looms, which and of itself isn't that big of a deal (yes, I do obsessively follow my team's preseason exploits; however I seek penance later for this, and this sets me apart from most fanatics). However, the thing that comes after preseason practice is by definition the season. And that part is fun too. It promises to be an interesting fall for both the Falcons and the Bulldogs, assuming I can survive it.

Unlike so many of the football fans in the south, I love Baseball. In light of this, the title is certainly apropos. I don't think either Chipper's nor Andruw's second home run actually ever landed last night - those images were digitally added. Both are somewhere zipping past the Earth's second Lagrange point, destined to exit our universe and disappear into the void forever.

.5 games between us and the struggling Nats. The Nats, as you may have heard, were like 163-2 in 1 run games in the first half. Record in 1 run games tends to fluctuate wildly from year to year. Certainly, things like a good bullpen help in close games. So does a timely offense. However, the Nationals incredible +9 Pythagorean win performance at the Allstar break (the Braves were -4) had people wondering how well it would hold up. Impossible to say, though I think the recent struggles are more of a slump than a sudden correction, I suppose that distinction is something the historians can quibble over in hindsight. The point being: the nats won't just suddenly revert to a team playing at +0 and roll over for the Braves.

Hampton's first outing back was not encouraging - it happens. Hudson's was. Chipper became only the third man in baseball history (Mickey Mantle and former Negro League player "Shakes" Johnson being the other two - you don't know about it due to a nasty governmental cover up) to achieve orbit with a baseball. It was nice to see his teammate would not be out-done. Chipper is probably going to experience some short term struggles as he gets back to major league speed, but I think all in all it's promising.

Will Chipper do ok hitting fifth? Yes, but will he do ok hitting fourth? I think so (more on that later).

It's hard not to be in a good mood this morning. Washington, I'm going to take you down.


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