Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We're getting slower, as a species

. . .Possibly accounting for Andrew Bogut highlight footage from the NBA draft. How do I know we are getting slower? It's all anecdotal, but bear with me.

If you follow recurring and aren't a raving lunatic (by my count there's about 15 of us), and you're a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, and you subscribe to, and you checked it recently - pause and breath, if you need to - you were recently treated to a blurb about Florida highschooler Tony Wilson. Wilson, a CB/DB, lists the Dawgs as his favorite. Fantastic - recruiting rankings are an ugly, inexact guessing game, but recruiting is important. He is listed as having run a 4.47 40-yard dash, the over-used speed metric. He ran it at a Nike combine, third fastest at the camp.

Nike is Nike - I don't know when or why they started doing these things. But they're not affiliated with any college or high school. That's sort of important - follow along please.

Am I crazy, or would that time have been something the raving lunatic recruiting fans mocked openly 4 years ago (of course, they're probably mocking it now)? Am I crazy, or are we seeing far fewer 4.3s and 4.4s than we used to? Something in the water? Space-time distortion? People running in pools?

Or maybe it's because we're no longer seeing 40 times reported by the kids high schools. And maybe, just maybe, those highschool coaches weren't exactly using the best methods to determine 40 times, whether through lack of means or understanding of how to properly do it? Note: I am not, nor will I, suggest coaches would ever inflate such a thing. That would never happen. And the guy who was QB at my highschool during my time really did run a 4.19, I swear on all that is good and pure in my life: my niece and. . .well that's it on the good and pure front. While the Nike camps might be providing the whole circus with something it doesn't need - more coverage and attention - perhaps they are to be thanked for producing numbers that don't violate the laws of physics?

Look - it isn't like these coaches are out to screw someone and lie to people. Chances are, they wanted their kid to look as favorable as possible. And honestly, who among us hasn't stretched a tale during the telling for effect, at least twice (once trying to score points with the boys, and once again with the ladies)?

So, have we really witnessed a change in the recruiting landscape? Are we going to be getting better numbers on kids now? I feel like this is something that should get discussed more.
Or maybe I'm crazy as batsh*t. To me, it seems things have changed significantly over the past 4-5 years.

Of course, we still seem to be getting 40-yard dash worship. That's a topic for another time, though.


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