Friday, June 24, 2005

Tim Duncan Saves His legacy

. . .and other absurdities.

With a strong 4th period, Tim Duncan had 27 points and 11 rebounds to help push the Spurs to their third NBA title. He also helped erase growing doubts about his ability to get it done under pressure and against a top llight opponent (as if the Lakers 2 years ago where chopped liver). Ducan struggled at times throughout the series as the Spurs bungled a 2-0 series lead, often looking worse than the Pistons did in games 1&2. Articles started appearing all over, naturally, about Duncan and his woes. I wonder. . .why?

If you watched game 7, it appeared that Duncan is not physically 100%. He lacked explosiveness, and at times appeared he had a vertical leap that mine dwarfs. Not much was made of Duncan's physical condition coming into this series, except that he was supposed to be "ready". One would ahve expected that coming out of the Spurs camp. So why haven't more people written about his foot woes, as they did constantly for the rest of the playoffs. Did the world forget he's not been 100% for some time? All of the rest the Spurs got probably helped tremendously, but methinks it wouldn't have allowed him to get to 100% (and possibly not even 90%). I found the whole thing rather strange, to be honest.

Anyway, congrats to the Spurs. Have the Pistons started complaining about the refs yet?


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