Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I screw a lot better when we're winning

Especially against divsional foes. That felt good, I'd be lying if I said otherwise. Thoughts:

1) Nice game from Smoltzie, but I don't like his throwing that many pitches this early in the season. The danger of him running out of gas is significant - he hasn't throw alot of innings in years. Conserve early, hit the gas down the stretch. Though that is one way to get the bullpen some rest.

2) Four walks from the braves versus 4 ks was nice. And against a pretty good starter to boot. The braves only had 2 extra base hits but they counted.

3) Kelley Johnson continues his tear with a double and a walk. I think I'm starting to dream about him. Andruw's homer was nice, but so was the walk. If he's walking, he's seeing the ball. If he's seeing the ball, he's blasting homeruns. I don't have any math to back it up, but that's generally a good thing.

4) Pete Orr made two errors, but had two hits to raise his average to .329. He has only 4 walks versus 10ks in 79 ABs, but he has been a nice sparkplug thusfar. Cox has a pleasant quandry right now, I think. All of the rookies have shown promise. Be it with the glove, or the bat, or both. There really aren't enough ABs to go around. This team gets increasingly fun to watch, even when we lose. I can't wait to see who makes a big play next.

5) Wilson with a BB. I feel you, dawg.

Word has it the Braves might be interested in Aubrey Huff, who is not having that good of a season. Still, he's put up pretty good numbers the previous two years. I think he's a pretty good player. I'm not sure how I feel about trading for him. I think I'd prefer relief help right now. Ask me again in a month.


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