Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I just need a little fuel

I still haven't seen a live action replay of Erstad's hit on Estrada. It does look like, on a series of pictures I glimpsed, he is coming in a bit high. I wouldn't call it dirty at this time though - it;s part of baseball.

That said, I'm not sorry Ramirez threw behind Erstad. I don't wish injury on Erstad, but heaven knows the Braves could use a little fire. So it's nice to see a guesture of emotion.

And on an unrelated note - the US plays a very important qualifying match at Panama tonight at 8:30 (EST). A tie here would be nice - taking points away from home is generally a good thing in soccer. I would like more. The US really took care of business against Costa Rica. Let's win here and put ourselves in a very comfortable position, and start preparing for the rematch with El Tricolors. I want to beat Mexico about as badly as I want the Dawgs to beat UF this fall. And that's saying something.


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