Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hooray for Tuesday

I'm still buzzed. Draft day for the three major sports and voting day affect me the same way. Nothing I do or say actually matters on each day. And yet my experiencing them gives me this wonderful little high, as if something I do does matter.

Thoughts. . .

1) My friend Dave and I had to pull out every trick in the book to coax Saleem Stoudamire to fall to 31 (jinxes, reverse jinxes, several consecutive "just accept it, he's a good fit here" moments. The run on foreign players we had been prediction since pick 20 hit late, but it hit. That was enough. Stoudamire celebrated being drafted by the hawks by cleaning his bathroom 11 times*.

He's a good fit. He can make it from 3 states over. There's talk of him playing point, which I don't see. I could see him doing the Steve Kerr thing off the bench. I really like the pick.

2) I love Marvin at 2. I'll admit I was very moved by the USA Today fluff piece yesterday. He's just a likeable guy. I like having likeable, root-for-him, guys. That he's got Tremendous Potential, Huge Upside, and Long only helps.

The Hawks took a turk at 59. He's a guard, which we do need. If nothing else, perhaps he can tell us why it's Istambul, not Constantinople. . .

It's impossible to say how this draft was until we see the kids play. However, I like it. Marvin was the right pick because he's got talent (Tremendous Upside, in fact), he can shoot, and he's a very grounded kid who is a hard worker. Dickie V is wrong about this one - Paul wasn't the pick (Deron may have been). Williams was. Yes, the Hawks have other needs. I hope Williams proves to be too good to have passed up on. I was kind of hoping the Hawks would move up to get Jarret Jack. Oh well.

3) If the Sports Guy does not dedicate 5000 words on Jay Bilas' cyborg replacement going off the depend with the whole length thing last night, I will riot. This has to replace Hubie Brown's Tremendouse Upsides. Bilas took the whole wingspan thing to an entirely new level by arbitrarily changing the definition of wingspawn every time a new player was taken. The only two players he didn't mention wingspawn on were Chris Paul and I think Jarred Jack. I could even see him scribbling calculations every time someone was drafted.

"What do you think Jay?"

Jay muttering "hmm, forgot to carry the two on the last guy. . .err what?"

"What do you think of the Mephis Pick?"

"Tremendous. I love him. He's got a. . ." *checks calculations* "Eleventy Seven foot wingspawn. I love his upside. Also, I think he bends space-time."

So it's an obvious joke that at least 6000 people who write better than me will make. But good lord. By pick 11, every time he mentioned wingspawn or length I found myself giggling uncontrollably. I could feel my sanity slipping.

4) Louis Williams goes 45 to Philly, likely costing a number of people who wagered he wouldn't get drafted. I wish him luck.

I don't really know enough about him to say for sure, but it seems to me he was sorely lacking a grounded presence. He may have been lucky to get drafted at all - why are you in the draft if you're a debateable second round pick? How is going to college and playing for a few years not going to improve you? If it isn't - perhaps you need a new career?

Williams was a star before he was done with highschool, hanging out with rappers and even appearing on a Celebrity Cribs with Little Bow Wow (I think that's who it was). He's never done anything noteworthy. I think it's a shame he was pronounced a star before he'd gotten a chance to begin to earn the lable. Remember when some were suggesting he'd be a lotterly pick? That seems like a long time ago. I'm not bitter because he isn't coming to Georgia - Felton understood which way the wind was blowing and Georgia found someone worthy of the scholarship thankfully.

It just looks like he could have used some advice he wasn't getting. Again, good luck to him.

5) Was I the only person who kept expecting Steven A Smith to start busting out rhymes mid-commentary? He was seriously channeling this Darrel Hammond doing the Reverand thing last night. I was heart broken than he never did it while I watched.

6) The Knicks taking Channing Frye at 8 was too perfect. A frail, "finese", post player is just what the doctor ordered. I had been hoping they'd take a foreigner, though, for sheer comedy value.

7) Was that sound I heard when the Lakers took a highschool project at 10 Kobie's head exploding, or Phil's head exploding? Everyone is on board for this my ass.

*totally forgot to add - I shouldn't poke fun at Stoudamire's OCD and I truly am happy he is a Hawk. I promise this is the last time I will do it. Unlike Tom Cruise and Scientology, I don't blindly hate the entire mental health pofession and then advocate a treatment method - vitamins - that fundmentally does the same thing as the one they scorn - drugs. It's all putting chemicals into your body, guys.

This asterisk was sponsored by Alanis Morrisette, resident of the 51st US state.


At 7:52 PM, Blogger Ian said...

As a Sixers fan, I am somewhere ensconced between bemusement and disbelief in reference to why the hell we drafted a guy who would have had a successful freshman year merely by cracking UGA's starting 5. Was this a way of placating Iverson, by drafting a PG who couldn't supplant him in any way whatsoever?

At 6:07 AM, Blogger peacedog said...

The Williams thing is really sad, IMO. Somebody somewhere recently made a good point - too often these kids *want* to be lied to, and there are a million people ready to lie to them. I hadn't realized there were serious questions about his jumper - that's scary because it was supposed to be the best part of his game. I haven't looked to see what the Sixers could have done yet, but it struck me as an odd pick because most predictions where showing Williams out of the draft.

I'm thinking more now that the hawks erred at 31, but no big deal.

At 8:52 AM, Blogger paulwesterdawg said...

What's crazier...that the Hawks actually drafted two quality guys in the first 31 picks.

Or that Bogut became the first white dude to be drafted #1 Overall since 1977.

You're right. We are getting slower as a species.



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