Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't call it a hot streak

But the Braves are 5-1 with two straight series wins. A nice win last night, tainted slightly by Horacio Ramirez having to leave the game afdter 5 pretty good innings.

Andruw hit one of the deepest game home runs I have ever seen at the Ted. 432 feet my rear end. I think the Braves are one of the teams who computer distance as where the ball hits, not projecting the trajectory as many places do. But I could be mistaken.

Kelley Johnson is now officially on the list of people it is acceptable to have a man-crush on. He hit three absolute ropes last night. I actually beat the announcers by a few pitches in thinking that he has done a couple of things to his batting standce, and I hadn't really taken time to notice. He's far more open now - much similar to Chipper than when he came up. And his hands are down. I just love that swing. I believe it was hit #3 that was a very easy and compact swing, and he just tatooed the ball. Yes, it's a hot streak for him. But the more I watch him play, the more I like him.

Giles had a nice game despite being up and down of late. 2 BBs may bode well. I'm not sure if Pierre gets to that ball if he doesn't lose it, I think it would be close (it's hard not to give him the out with that speed, but it landed deeper than I realized on replay). Furcal had a l.400 night - and I'd take a .250 average if he was going to walk that often. I think pitchers are figuring out Betemit - it generally happens to a rookie at some point. His BB/K was 12/8 some weeks ago and it's gone 2/12 since. How he handles the coming weeks will be telling. I really liked how Blaine Boyer was throwing.

Sighting: Brian Jordan's power was spotted scaping tickets before the game.


At 2:53 PM, Blogger Michael said...

I'm glad that someone else thought that Andruw's homer was longer than 432 feet.

At 8:17 AM, Blogger peacedog said...

I appear to have confirmed that the Braves do in fact calculate distance as "the distance between two points - the batter and the point on the ground directly below where the ball hits". I think that's an absurd way to do it, because it just completely sells short so many titanic blasts. After all, someone could hit a lower deck home-run that measures the same, but is not nearly as mammoth a blast.

Remember that uppder deck homer Andruw hit in the now defunct Veterans stadium? One of only 8 guys to ever do it? Measured at like 440, because they counted it the same way.


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