Monday, June 06, 2005

Come back in one year

For the second straight year, the University of Georgia has denined a recruit admission due to findings by the review board. Last year, it was speedy CB Michael Grant, who it turns out had on his record an "incident". Not much detail about said indicent ever reached these ears.

This time, it was Floridian LB prospect Jamar Cheney. He was denied entrance because the second time he took the SAT, his score jumped so high that the SAT review board flagged it (chaney scored a 1260 the second time, to go along with a 2.9 gpa). Allegedly, he was told it was impossible to score a 2.9 wityh as 1260 - but I cannot verify that, and it's an absurd point anyway.

Jamar was asked to retake the test, but he didn't, because his ACT was good enough to qualify. He may have been advised that the "ACT will be enough", and by Richt no less (again, allegedly). If he takes the SAT again and scores much lower - say 980, that might have lead us to this road anyway. There is a certain special message board out there where fans are doing some frothing, but I don't think this is going to cause UGA to lose Richt. It sucks to lose a recruit like this, but it's one recruit out of many. I wish Chaney the best of luck, even if he winds up at UF. I can empathize with any dissappointment he might feelt - I didn't get into my initial college of choice and it was somewhat gutwrenching.

That doesn't make this a bad move for the UGA review board, though. I don't think there is enough information to say that this time. What I do think is unfortunate is that Chaney couldn't find out until recently - it certainly reduces his plan B options. Most schools probably don't have scholarship room for Jamar. UF apparently does (and has absolutely no problems letting him in on the ACT score it seems, or doesn't care about the SAT score beign flagged; we'll find out Wednesday). Having your college destination up in the air right now would not be much fun.

A point I would like to make: I scored higher than he did in highschool, and my GPA wasn't much better (right at a 3.1). In highschool I really wasn't that motivated - a problem many highschoolers suffer. I didn't spend that much time studying (there were far too many fun things to do - video games, books, tv, girls). I'm sure statistically it bears out there 2.9 with a 1260 is indeed very rare; just like statistically it is rare for a person with under a .5 BB/K ration to hit .300 for an entire season. Rare does not mean impossible. I was told it was next to impossible to raise one's SAT score several hundred points after the first take. I improved mine 150 over 3 tests, and had I taken it a fourth time I'd have added onto that. I took a single SAT prep course, all english focused (and mostly just analogies) - just 2 classes that were 2 hours a piece. I took it before the third test taking - and it helped. I boosted my verbal considerably (my math scores were fairly consistent; I did see some improvement from test 1 to test 2 on math, but scored identically on test 3). I should have taken something for Math - I scored well on math but I think I ultimately underpeformed and the course likely would have been an excellent refresher if nothing else.

Jamar took a prepratory course as well. While it is unlikely it could produce a several hunred point gain all by itself, I don't think this automatically means Jamar's situation is in any way shady. Unfortunately, Jamar probably needed to take the test again. A decent score would have validated his hard work.


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