Friday, June 03, 2005

The Braves covered an old phish tune last night

The song? David Bowie

The lyrics:

David Bowie
(repeat a bunch)

UB 40
(repeat a bunch)

The Braves added a verse last night:

(repeat a bunch)
*commit Hari Kari

I'm sort of speechless right now. It was an interesting game for a number of reasons:

1) Ramirez wasn't very good; neither was he very bad. Again. Is he not 100% yet? Was his early success a flash in the pan? I don't know. 10 base runners and 3 earned runs in 7 innings is not the end of the world. But he isn't very fun to watch pitch right now. It was one of his better road outings, though, so that's something. It also isn't saying very much. Of course, thanks to Dan Doodie (second entry down), he's far and away not the worst pitcher on the team to watch.

2) Dan - I'm sorry man. I have nothing against you personally. Your job is tough - the act of pitching is a complete despoiling of your body/your temple. It's letting the barbarians in and just having their way with the place. Pitching is hard. Pitching in front of thousands of people is harder. Pitching for a team that has won 13 consecutive division titles is harder still.

You've been awful, though. It has to be said. I hope you pull out of it. I do. I hope we can find someone who will agree to take you while we pay 70% of your salary.

It isn't personal. But you are breaking my heart.

3) Wilson Betemit's rising star, thanks in part to injuries, had stalled after a meteoric rise through the organization. He's so young, still. Rigth now, he has 12 BB and 8 Ks in 45 ABs. On pace for 100 ks, full season - no surprise as it follows along with what I remember of his minor league stats. And 144 BBs. That number is incredible. And alarming - because he never did anything close to that in the minors that I can recall.

If he can show patience, work a count, and take a walk, the sky may well be the limit for this powerful looking switch hitter. I don't know where he is going to play and frankly don't much care. Let's give him a shot. Maybe he'll just be a flash in the pan as well. But the braves need juice on offense right now, and he's providing it. Wilson, study the game and improve, if you can.

4) Chipper is slumping. Injuries have slowed down what was a fabulous start, but it's not entirely unexpected. He's a .300 hitter who rarely gets into the mid/high teens - I believe he hit .323 the MVP year, which is outstanding. Still, I was hoping for one of those incredible resurgant seasons. Not that all is lost. He stands at a 33/24 BB/K ratio, which is outstanding. 4 BBs versus 1 K in his last 5-6 games, combined with the paucity of hits, leads me to believe he may be pressing a bit. He had a big AB last night with runners on and didn't produce.

I do not like Bobby having dropped him to 4th. Baseball players are very routine driven - Bobby you know more than me but he didn't like hitting cleanup the last 2 years. Leave him third and just let everyone else deal with it. I don't think it is good for the lineup when he hits fourth.

5) Five walks for the team was a welcome sight, and 5 runs should be enough to win. The bullpen letdown stung because I think we really needed that one.

Elkon is right about something else - when Jones slumps, he slumps. I think I almost seized up after watching him swing at that pitch that bounced in front of the plate, and way outside.

Chin up though; it's a long season, and Bobby will keep them in the hunt.


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