Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Being Steve Bedrosion

Baseball America said he is one of the most majors-ready players in the draft. USA Today thinks he will be in the Atlanta pen by the end of the year. Both bold statements, and I'm not holding my breath. That said, it's hard not to think the Braves had their current bullpen problems - even if the picture they were looking at was much bigger - when they took North Carolina State releiver Joey Devine. I think a releiver in the high rounds is generally a stretch. A guy who has started most of his life can easily go to relief. The reverse is not true. That said, maybe this was a good pick after all.

He's 5-11 205, and his delivery has been described as "between sidearmed and three-quaters". His impressive strike out numbers at NCSt (75ish in 48ish innings this past year) might be something I'd chalk up to the delivery. However, BA also claimed he throws in the mid 90s, topping out at 97. I doubt very much he'll be in Atlanta this year; it isn't impossible but it is very rare for a player to get to the majors that quickly from any level. Not counting those silly contract clauses like the one Alex Rodriguez had, that dictated he get a cup of coffee in year 1. A couple of years is a distinct possibility - he will join UGA releiver Will Startup at single A. Good luck gentlemen - we need it.

Other noteworthies from the draft nobody pays attention to - the Braves took 14 pitchers in 20 picks yesterday. they took 3 college pitchers in the top 6 picks, something of a rarity for them. Since taking Mike Kelly #1 overall in 1991, the Braves have tended to avoid college guys early. However, in recent years they've taken more. Perhaps the right player just happened to be a college guy. Perhaps there has been a slight shift in philosophy; who knows.

They also took a cuban shortstop with a supplimental pick after the first round. It will be interesting to see how he turns out.


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